General Research Themes in the Ogle Lab Include:

  • Ecological legacies: identifying the importance of and time-scales over which past conditions or events (e.g., climatic events, environmental conditions, endogenous conditions) influence current ecological processes, ranging from fast (daily) plant physiological and ecosystem process (e.g., carbon / water fluxes) to slower (annual) ecosystem and tree productivity responses
  • Tree growth (mostly inferred via tree-rings) and its relation to climate, especially drought, across the Southwest
  • Linking individual- and species-specific tree functional traits to forest dynamics
  • Synthesis of long-term data to understand factors governing soil and ecosystem carbon dynamics
  • Plant carbon and water relationships and their implications for the functioning of arid and semi-arid plants and ecosystems
  • Development and application of model-based meta-analytic tools to synthesize diverse ecological information
  • Controls on soil carbon fluxes and development of dynamic process models to evaluate soil carbon dynamics
  • Bayesian statistical applications in ecology

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