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In Print:


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    2015 – moved from Arizona State university to Northern Arizona University

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    2011 – moved from the University of Wyoming to Arizona State University

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    2006 – started faculty position at University of Wyoming

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    2003 – finished PhD, started post-doc at Princeton

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Accepted and/or In Press:

  • Peltier, D.P. and K. Ogle. Tree growth sensitivity to climate is temporally variable. To appear in Ecology Letters.
  • Pappalardo, P., K. Ogle, E.A. Hamman, J.R. Bence, B.A. Hungate, and C.W. Osenberg. Comparing traditional and Bayesian approaches to ecological meta-analysis. To appear in Methods in Ecology & Evolution.
  • Laubmeier, A.N., B. Cazelles, K. Cuddington, K. Erickson, M.-J. Fortin, K. Ogle, C.K. Wikle, K. Zhu, and E. Zipkin. Ecological dynamics: Integrating empirical, statistical, and analytical methods. To appear in Trends in Ecology & Evolution.