Current Courses Taught by Kiona Ogle at NAU:

Applied Bayesian Modeling. Graduate-level course, ongoing. Brief course description: Bayesian statistical methods for analyzing data, with emphasis on ecological and biological data. Includes Bayes rule, basic Bayesian formulation (priors, posteriors, likelihoods), single- and multiple-parameter models, hierarchical models, generalized linear models, multivariate models, mixture models, models for missing data, merging statistical and process models, overview of spatial and temporal processes, and introduction to computation methods.

Past Courses Taught by Kiona at ASU and U Wyoming:

Bayesian Modeling for the Life Sciences. Graduate-level course offered at ASU (three offerings).

Fundamentals of Ecology. Large, junior-level course offered at ASU (three offerings).

Population & Community Ecology. Smaller, senior-level course offered at ASU (one offering).

Life & Water in the Desert. Freshman seminar offered at ASU (one offering).

Ecological Systems Modeling. Graduate-level course offered at the University of Wyoming (two offerings).

Bayesian Data Analysis. Graduate-level course offered at the University of Wyoming (three offerings).

Inverse Analysis in Isotope Ecology. Graduate-level seminar offered at the University of Wyoming (two offerings).

Past Workshops and Short-Courses Taught by Kiona

Training in Bayesian Modeling for the Practicing Ecologist. Summer course at Colorado State University, organized and taught in collaboration with Dr. Tom Hobbs, Dr. Mevin Hooten, and Dr. Maria Uriarte (four offerings).

A Brief Introduction to Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling in Ecology. Daylong workshop developed and offered for the Ecological Society of America (ESA) annual meetings (multiple years) and the Spanish Ecological Society (one year).